Stephan Jansen Healthcare Consultant


I can help Healthcare decision makers build robust strategies, execute them quickly, and deliver their goals. 

My name is Stephan Jansen, I am the founding partner of Beyond the Deal. Before my consulting career, I worked for Healthcare multinationals in Quality, Operations, Product Launch, Change-Management, Corporate Finance, Business-Development, Strategy and M&A. I am a Biologist by education and hold an MBA in Strategy and Finance. I have led global teams, created and executed large strategy projects in global Healthcare and smaller mid-market firms.

It is the experiences I made in different departments, settings, countries and corporations as well as the experience from my consulting projects in other industries that I bring and offer to my clients. Everybody can pick a strategy. But not everyone knows how to execute and deliver to reach goals fast.

I do not explain to my clients, how the world works. I use both, analytical and creative approaches to guide and facilitate, lead and coach, to form competitive strategies and execute them agile, with a permanent focus on progress and end-results.