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We find fulfilment in contributing to our client’s success. We want to make a difference and enable healthcare companies to achieve their targets faster. 

We help you speed things up.  How do we do this? With good, proven methodology and common sense. More precisely? Well, by clarifying visions and goals, the current state, by defining the gaps and how to close them. By listening and understanding, thinking and analysing, clarifying and guiding, and by closely accompanying the implementation, we create the conditions for teams to excel. The result of our work is always value creation, because otherwise we would be in conflict with our self-conception.

stephan jansen strategy consultant


I can help Healthcare decision makers build robust strategies, execute them quickly, and deliver their goals. 

My name is Stephan Jansen, I am the founding partner of Beyond the Deal. Before my consulting career, I worked for Healthcare multinationals in Quality, Operations, Product Launch, Change-Management, Corporate Finance, Business-Development, Strategy and M&A. I am a Biologist by education and hold an MBA in Strategy and Finance. I have led global teams, created and executed large strategy projects in global Healthcare and smaller mid-market firms.

It is the experiences I made in different departments, settings, countries and corporations as well as the experience from my consulting projects in other industries that I bring and offer to my clients. Everybody can pick a strategy. But not everyone knows how to execute and deliver to reach goals fast.

I do not explain to my clients, how the world works. I use both, analytical and creative approaches to guide and facilitate, lead and coach, to form competitive strategies and execute them agile, with a permanent focus on progress and end-results.

I take pride in making a difference to the clients I work with. I want to help organisations to gain clarity, create their objectives and then support to realise them. My consulting is on eye level with the decision makers I support.