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Incentives to change: I’ll play along if it’s worth it for me!

Let’s not beat around the bush: we expect our employees to do what we want them to do. And preferably with enthusiasm, energy and great ideas about how we can achieve our goals more quickly and effectively. To make this work, we offer our team friendly colleagues, clear responsibilities, competent managers, a warm smile [...]

There can be only one!

How company culture changes following a merger remains an unsolved mystery. At least, that’s what the multitudes of literature, articles and recent publications on the subject could lead us to believe. I find that excessive. Sure, big culture projects are a particularly challenging part of megamergers, but lots of my clients deal with much [...]

Gut feel or analytical thinking? 8 tips for better, strategic decisions

I usually know what I want straight away. I am always amazed when I witness other people (including my wife) needing several days to make important decisions. A series of experiments in socioeconomics showed that people do not act rationally, but instead largely based on their emotions. Decisions are often rationalized retroactively and are [...]

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